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I suspect that what “sounding natural” really means in terms of a large part of voice over work, is when the voice over meets or exceeds the expectations of the intended listener dependent upon the genre of work, script, goals, etc. Thus, sounding natural means very different things to different people. For voice talent trying to figure out what the voice seeker wants on an audition can be a nightmare. Quite often, typical direction as in the aforementioned “natural sounding” or even referencing a celebrity voice talent, such Morgan Freeman or Sam Elliot, may not properly communicate what you might be looking for. We’re also seeing direction these days, often in all caps, that simply says NO RADIO ANNOUNCERS PLEASE”. How helpful do you think that is? And given the preponderance of voice talent who have indeed had some connection to broadcasting, it tends to be downright insulting. I’ve never been a radio guy, but I’d be less likely to respond to your audition simply because it comes off as somewhat antagonistic.

via Proper Communication « Voice123s Blog – Voice the Dream.


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