Timing and Scratch Tracks

As for recording the scratch tracks, it could be something as simple as an inexpensive handheld solid state recorder. Or it could be an inexpensive USB microphone that can easily plug into any computer. The latter has the advantages of being more easily edited, as well a being able to have sound effects or music added. I also suggest that whenever possible that sound effects and music be added to scratch tracks. Without going into great detail, suffice it so say that some music might work better than other. Certain instruments may actually cancel out parts of a voice over, mask them or cover them up. In some cases, choosing a male voice vs. female voice or vice a versa might make a significant difference in the overall effectiveness of your communication. The pacing of the read may or may not match properly with the music you intend to use. You may decide to pick out different music.

via Timing and Scratch Tracks.


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