How Google makes artists less creative

Google leads artists to believe that everything should be free. If you can do a search and find info on Google for free, why pay for it…anywhere? Artists have always been on the lower end of the economic scale, enduring personal sacrifices, and waking up unemployed everyday for an art form they love. However, voice talent, coaches, websites, classes, and schools do not pay bills with free happy thoughts. In fact, these professions are all art forms (yes, web developers are artists, too). Hurting an industry is the generational belief-system being formed for tomorrow’s artist that everything should be free because it can be found for free, while the control system of money is still in place. If it was not, there would be no Google. I do find that almost every incredibly smart business and individual has to compete with one company’s free business model. Maybe I just grew up with the belief system that monopolizing is wrong.

via How Google makes artists less creative.


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