How to go against what people want

It is a journey. But if I start to hear women more often in movie trailers, I will think of Melissa Disney, because she brought up a topic in public, that many talk about in private, and did so in the NY Times. As for voiceover community managers, well…whether I am a Steven or a Stephanie…the quality of work one does will prove to be the foundation of how long a person lasts. Demographics are not working in my favor, but hey…If you look back throughout history, we all deal with this at some point. When I started out in voiceovers, I had a serious mumbling problem and many acting teachers with PhD’s tried to convince me I had no future in voiceovers, and now everyone tells me I talk too much. That was in 1992, and with the Internet, I see posts all the time warning others to not even think about a voiceover career. Believe me…it is tougher to hear that from someone, face-to-face. I cannot delete those comments like a Facebook page. But when you commit to what you want to do, whether others agree with it or not, after a while success will come to you and you will meet people who inspired you.

via How to go against what people want.


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