Avoiding Watermarked Auditions

But I do understand where the talent may be coming from, even if I may not agree with the mentality. So, what I will often do when I send the script is use some generic names and or terms. Where there are phone numbers involved, I will often change them to simply be 1-800-123-4567 and addresses will be changed to “Anytown USA” or something similar.  Thus I can indicate to the talent that I do not want watermarks, music or effects and need the entre script read, but that they should clearly be able to see that I have altered the script to the point where I couldn’t possibly “rip them off”.  If at this point, a talent is still hesitant, then I probably don’t want to work with them anyway. I do not however want to chase away the more seasoned and better talent, and this should hopefully do the trick.

via Avoiding Watermarked Auditions.


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